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For Students

A new kind of learning environment, happyfirststep.com offers unique benefits to students, parents and educators. It brings together the best supplemental content aimed at meeting the needs of students. happyfirststep.com stands apart from other online K-12 learning facilities for its curriculum aligned content that can be personalized to each student according to their needs. Students review lessons, do their homework, prepare for exams and obtain a rewarding and productive learning experience.

First, accessing happyfirststep.com multimedia content requires no hardware or software investments or maintenance, because the portal is fully hosted by happyfirststep.com and runs on secure servers at the happyfirststep.com state-of-the-art computer center that keeps the system up and running, 24/7. All that students (and parents!) will need in order to access the happyfirststep.com multimedia content is a standard web browser with broadband on any device – PC, Tablet, Smart Phone, Notebook …

Second, happyfirststep.com comes with a Curriculum Engine Tool that enables Students to access learning material exactly according to their syllabus or curriculum or school content. Because its curriculum based, happfirststep.com fits perfectly into students overall learning process.

Third, happyfirststep.com content updates, are made by the expert content team regularly. (Although the basic structure of the curriculum does not change during the academic year, we update all the topics regularly to ensure that learning material is dynamic and engaging for the students).

Fourth, Parents find it to be a great teaching supplemental resource for home usage. happyfirststep.com is a 24/7 Learning Companion for your child. It helps parents identify their child’s weak skills, and monitor their academic progress.

For Schools

happyfirststep.com can be turned 'on' - for a school or a chain of schools – as easily as pressing a button. Then school clients can have their smart classroom content for all classes, customize the multimedia content on a customized website or by contacting the happyfirststep.com content team to build content for them. School package constitutes – both teacher and student usage.

  • Your school gets Smart Classroom Content for all classes

  • All your students get subscription for home and school usage

happyfirststep.com will certainly enhance student achievement levels therefore contributing to:
  1. Greater student enrollment

  2. Student retention

  3. Win the good will of parents

Easy as ABC

  • No hardware or software requirements - it's all run at happyfirststep.com

  • Automatic content updates - updates are automatically posted to each school client site. School clients can also suggest new content topic for all classes – via our Content Management System.

  • Teachers can customize their worksheets, topic and subject level tests. Teachers can provide their own study material using our authentic and secure Learning Management System

happyfirststep.com ensures there is always enough bandwidth to guarantee our portal is fast. Despite the happyfirststep.com site, school clients can have their own 'co-branded website' and can customize their site to reflect local history or include special web sites they have identified themselves. In this way happyfirststep.com will truly become a collaborative educational site, reflecting school specific needs.

Please contact our agent for information or partnership:

email : contact@happyfirststep.com

Call: 8197168445

For Government Schools

Get Subsidized Pricing – when you subscribe!

Administrator of Government Schools – Central Schools, Municipal Schools, District Schools, Zilla Parishad or Panchayat Schools, Schools affiliated to Religious groups, Schools in Tribal regions, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan Schools, Schools run by NGOs, Schools belonging to Minority Groups, Schools for Handicapped Children, Rural Schools, Suburban Schools, Inner-city Schools and similar schools, can contact us directly to get subsidized pricing.

Please contact our agent for information or partnership:

email : contact@happyfirststep.com

Call: 8197168445

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