A medium sized wooden top with a separate handle and thread. Easy to spin for children and spins undisturbed for a long time. It can be used as executive office toy to provide that much needed short break from hectic work. Also at home as a living room toy to entertain guests - both adults and children.Colourful wooden spinning top with a seperate handle and thread. handcrafted and coloured with natural dyes
PLAY VALUE: Improves finemotor co-ordination. SIZE: Spindle Top - 4.5 x 14 X 10cm
Toy Safety : Certified as per International Toy safety Standards
Fair Trade Product : Made by member artisans from Channapatna in Karnataka, India

Spindle Top(Multi-Color)

₹330.00 Regular Price
₹230.00Sale Price
Color: White
Product Type

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